The Kobelco KNW Series

Rogers Machinery Company, Inc., together with Kobelco Compressors Manufacturing Indiana (KCMI), is the premier manufacturer, packager, and supplier of oil-free, rotary screw air compressors in North America.

Proudly, we provide industry with the highest quality, oil-free, risk-free air compressors on the market today — The Kobelco KNW Series.

Kobelco KNW Series compressors are designed, assembled, manufactured and tested in the USA by Rogers Machinery Company and Kobelco Compressors Manufacturing Indiana.

The Kobelco KNW Series can be custom built to your specifications and is also available as a standard design package. We provide nationwide parts and service support through our authorized distributor network. We also provide air system energy audits, air dryers, filters, receivers, and sequencers.

About Rogers Machinery Company

Since 1949, Rogers has provided industry with superior quality air compressors, vacuum systems, blowers, pumps, parts, and accessories.  We are a world leader in oil-free, rotary-screw technology. Simply stated, our KNW Series delivers 100 percent oil-free air for all critical, specialized applications. All air compressors are made with premium-quality parts and components.

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Kobelco, the unified brand and product name for the Kobe Steel Group, contributes to expanding the group’s global business. Kobelco is a name you can trust. The company is responsive to society’s needs and is supported the world over by its stakeholders.

Kobe Steel
Founded in 1905, Kobe Steel is a machinery and materials manufacturer and provides industry related engineering services. Core businesses include iron and steel, aluminum, copper, and welding. Machinery business includes air, gas and refrigeration compressors, plastics processing, tire and rubber machinery, metal working and construction equipment, internal combustion engines, and rolling mills.