Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. Installs 187.95 Kilowatt Solar-Electric System.

PORTLAND, OR: Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. has installed and commissioned an 187.95kW solar-electric system at their Portland, Oregon headquarters. Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. installed solar power to reduce and stabilize energy costs and to follow through on its long-standing commitment to energy conservation and the environment.

The installation includes 1,074 solar panels covering 14,499 square feet of preexisting roof space. This system will supply approximately 52.5 percent of the electrical energy needs for Rogers’ corporate and Portland branch campus.

“We have assisted our customers for decades in compressed air system energy conservation projects, but to be generating power is new to us”, said Chris McKillop, Vice President of Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. “Everyone benefits when businesses like us install solar-energy systems.”

Businesses that install solar-energy systems consume most of the power they produce, effectively increasing the overall capacity of the grid without the need for new power plants or transmission lines. The immediate cost savings to these businesses make them stronger businesses—stronger employers—all while reducing carbon emissions and improving the environment.

Over its 25 year warranted life the solar-energy system will keep approximately 298,283 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to driving an automobile over 4,749,727 miles or the annual CO2 offset of over 149,141 trees.


Rogers Machinery Company, Inc. was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1949 and is a major supplier of air compressor, blower, vacuum and pump systems. It has complete parts and service capabilities for these products throughout its eight Pacific Northwest branches. They also design, assemble and package oil-free air compressors that are sold throughout North America via a distributor network. Rogers is also a leading provider of compressed air system energy audits. More information can be found at and

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